An 8 day tour around classical Italy  There can be a bit of snobbery about the ‘package’ tour compared to one you’ve planned yourself, a sense that you’re cutting corners and opting for convenience food rather than a meal lovingly prepared from scratch, but when you’re tired and rushed, it’s actually very nice to have … Continue reading LA DOLCE ITALIA


I suddenly realised that the end of the month was almost here again and panic set in, knowing I still had a blog to write but no ideas. The blank screen sneered at me as my fingers hovered hopefully over the keys. Which ones should I press? What phrase or combination of phrases would start … Continue reading WRITER’S BLOCK


The email I didn’t want to find in my inbox arrived this morning. True, it tried to end encouragingly in order to soften the blow, “Thank you again for entering. We look forward to reading more of your work in the future,” but it couldn’t take away the plunging-six-floors-down-a-lift-shaft sinking of heart I experienced as … Continue reading REJECTION

Paella anyone?

Imagine a small space, about the size of a large sitting-room, where somebody who must be rather good at jigsaw puzzles, has ingeniously managed to insert the maximum number of tables of various shapes and sizes while still avoiding any possibility of jogging a neighbour’s elbow. It could feel cramped, but somehow it doesn’t, and, … Continue reading Paella anyone?


Kicking myself, because this month, in spite of all my good intentions, I’ve found myself back on that good ol’ merry-go-round. The music blares, bright lights dazzle and you get lost in the movement and feel you’re going somewhere, but the truth is you’re not.  Glitzy ride it maybe, and one part of me loves … Continue reading MERRY-GO-ROUND


© GhYp (Flickr) 50 REASONS WHY I DON’T WRITE 1)  My mouse got stuck 2) It’s sunny today 3)  I’m really tired 4)  My plot is going nowhere 5)  A friend dropped by 6)  My print cartridge ran out 7)  Didn’t like what I’d written 8)  Mum rang 9)  I don’t think I can do it … Continue reading EXCUSES EXCUSES